ARIEL SABAR author   journalist

​    winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award

Ariel's journalism and essays have appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic Magazine, Harper's, Smithsonian Magazine, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor, Washingtonian, and This American Life.


The Unbelievable Tale of Jesus's Wife
  [The stranger-than-fiction origins of the Gospel of Jesus's Wife]
  The Atlantic

A Biblical Mystery at Oxford
   [A MacArthur genius, a Hobby Lobby executive, and a phantom first-century Gospel of Mark]
   The Atlantic

   [How a small-town auto mechanic pulled off a $1 billion Ponzi scheme]
   The Atlantic

The Tomb Raiders of the Upper East Side
   [A Manhattan prosecutor takes on New York’s genteel antiquities trade]
   The Atlantic

The Passion of John Wojnowski
  [A man's 14-year vigil outside the Vatican embassy]
  Washingtonian Magazine

A King with No Country  
  [Profile of Kigeli V Ndahindurwa, the last king of Rwanda]
  Washingtonian Magazine

How to Save a Dying Language
  [Linguists hunt the last speakers of Aramaic]
  Smithsonian Magazine

The Mystery of Mount Baldy
  [A boy's near-death inside a Lake Michigan sand dune, and a geologist's search for answers]
  Smithsonian Magazine

The Anti-Redskin
  [A clash between a wealthy Indian chief and the billionaire owner of Washington's NFL team]
  The Atlantic

Extreme Pogo
  [Engineers compete to turn the homely pogo stick into an extreme-sport machine]
  Smithsonian Magazine

Warp Factor
  [John A. Rogers builds electronic circuits that melt in the body]
  Smithsonian Magazine

"My True Self"
  [A Vietnam vet returns to the U.S. Naval Academy after a gender transition]
  Baltimore Sun

Inventing the Real McCoy
  [UCLA’s Aydogan Ozcan is turning your smart phone into a medical lab]
  Smithsonian Magazine

The Life of the Party
  [Profile of Joe Englert, DC nightlife visionary]
  Washingtonian Magazine

Lobster War - Part I  &  Lobster War - Part II
  [Guns fired off the island of Matinicus, Maine]
  Christian Science Monitor

Working The Line on the Iraq border
  [Trucker life on the Iraqi-Turkish border]
  Christian Science Monitor

   [Street trash, dispensed from a gumball machine]
   New York Times

Evening in Jerusalem
  [The strange death of Savta Miryam]
  New York Times Sunday Magazine

A Time to Put Aside the Armor
​  [Seeing my father through the eyes of my son]
  New York Times / "Modern Love" column

Hollywood Calling
​  [How do you say "I am the Walrus" in Aramaic?]
  Brown Alumni Magazine

Deep Underground
  [A country boy makes the DC subways his new playground]
  Christian Science Monitor

Water Takes the Fear Away
  [Annals of Superstition]
  The Algonkian​